How To Start A Blog In 2021 From Scratch [The Complete Guide]

Hi Blogger! Here Is Ankit Today In This Article I will Guide You How to Start a Blog in 2021.

If you want to start a blog,

You want to make a career as a blogger?

Yeah! It’s possible to do both at the same time!

Do you believe in earning money online, do you plan to create your own Blog Website for BLOGGING?

If that is the case, then you have reached the right place. Here I will not only teach you how to become self-dependent but also teach you all about that I have experienced in managing my own blogs for more than 4 years of my blogging journey.

Before creating a blog you should know about Top Indian Blogger and theirs Earning For Motivation Purpose Only.


Here Is the Deal for You!

Do you want to make online income on autopilot mode through blogging, which helps you make your Own Boss? So Setup a blog is the first Curial Step that Leading You to Success.

Do you want to start out a WordPress blog in the proper way? We all know that starting a blog is often a terrifying thought especially when you aren’t geeky, newbies, or Beginner.

Guess what – you’re not alone. We’ve decided to make the foremost comprehensive guide for How to Start a Blog in 2021 with very less technical knowledge.

What are the basic requirements to start a WordPress blog?

Basically, there are three basic things you are going to need to create a WordPress blog:


  1. A Domain Name a domain name of your blog is basically the Extension name of your blog i.e.
  2. A Web Hosting a web hosting is nothing but just a storage of your files or database, where your website is going to be stored on the internet.
  3. You’re Attention We are going to start a WordPress blog in the next 30 minutes. So, be determined for this article.

How to Start a Blog in 2021 [10 Easy Steps]

Yes, you read it right. You’ll start a blog from scratch in half-hour, and that we will walk you through the entire process, with step by step Guidance. How to Start a Blog in 2021

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the:

Ready? Let’s get started

Step 1: Select The Blogging Platform


Starting from the basics first, you have to choose a blogging platform to manage your own blog. Surfing thought the market; we see there are plenty of different options for blogging Platforms. The most popular platforms used are WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and others

Out of all these most efficient and most popular Platforms of making a blog is by using WordPress.

Just to clarify, why is WordPress the most preferred blogging platform!!

Well, WordPress has the world’s most advanced Content Managing System (CMS) or Software that Can Use to manage your Blog is easily or effectively.

One of the most satisfying facts is that WordPress is a Free Open Source Content Management System that can help you, to create or design your website or blogging page within a few minutes.

The most interesting and satisfying feature of WordPress is that you can add plugins to enhance features or functionality like Security, Speed, Formats, online store.

Furthermore, it is the First Blogging Platform to provide regular updates and security Patch to enhance the user experience.

Moreover, an interesting fact is that 50% of the blog or websites in this world are based on the WordPress Platform. This is why WordPress is my personal favorite. And I would love to recommend you WordPress Platform, as I have been a full-time Blogger for more than 4 years.

Select a Blogging Platform

Step 2: Choose a Profitable Niche For Your Blog


You may have thought about starting a blog, but you don’t know which topic to start with, or you have chosen a niche but you don’t know if it will be useful or not. Then you are in the right place. Today I will tell you how you can find a profitable blog niche ideas for your blog.

If you really want to start a profitable niche blog and expand your reach, let’s get started.

What is the blog niche and why do you need it?

A blog niche is a title or subject you are writing about on your blog. More simply, it answers the question, “What is your blog about?”

Deciding on your niche is an important step when building a blog, as it is a key factor in determining the success (or failure) of your blog.

If you are interested in monetizing your blog and making money online, then choosing the right blog niche is also important.

Why choose Microblog niche instead of multiple niches?

When looking at blog odd ideas, it encourages you to write about all the topics that interest you.

You can check out our profitable blog niches and think that blogging about all your favorite pages like travel, craft projects, and board game reviews would be a great idea. However, every topic has a huge audience and you will never get out of interesting topics to write about it!

The fact is that blogging about a lot of irrelevant topics is not a good idea.

This is because a large part of blogging success is building a loyal audience. Of course, there are a lot of people who are interested in travel, and a lot of people are interested in board games. But there aren’t many people who are interested in both topics, so it will be difficult for you to create a loyal audience that wants to read all your letters. It will also be difficult for you to rank your blog in search engine results and get traffic from Google because Google will not know what your site is about.

Sticking to a single topic will help you gain authority as a subject matter expert with both your audience and search engines.

What Are the Most Profitable Blog Niches?

A good niche is one that is relevant to your choice, has good traffic, and carry good financial value. Also, your niche should have a future.

3 Tips To Final Your Niche Selection

  1. Check Traffic Potential
  2. Do Competitor Research
  3. Analyze Earning Potential.

Traffic PotentialEven if you have a great niche, there is no guarantee that it will attract readers and help you build a large (and profitable) audience.

Take, for example, the market for ‘amateur photography’ blogs – thousands of people are associated with it, and it can be difficult to stand up to a new blogger. So, limit your niche to children’s photography or nature photography, or you may be even younger, for example, ‘Tips for children’s photography for nature’.

Do Competitor ResearchDon’t get demoralized if you find tough competition in your selected niche. It only means that a lot of other people are captivated in it too, and this could be a blessing in disguise as you can turn them into your fans and followers.

Also, you need to understand that other bloggers in your niche don’t necessarily compete with you, often you can collaborate with them and this will present you with the opportunity to know them personally. Think of this as your own blogging adventure.

Analysis Competitor PotentialAlthough many bloggers started blogging only as a means of exploring their talents and hobbies, they soon realized that it is possible to make a profit from their efforts. Some people don’t make much money from the kitchen as others make a living with their blog.

Analysis of your competitor is not bad ideas, if you want to know competitor potential then spy and analysis their work like which type of blog they publish, published article in which format or style. After trying to create a unique idea or style to publish your article to own blog.

Chances are that you may also be interested in the monetization potential of your niche. But you may already know the answer – if you find active blogs and social media pages or magazines on your niche in the last section, it means that the niche you choose is, in fact, very alive and profitable.

Bonus Tips: – Try to find Low Competition blog Niche Which Helps Easy to rank and also Easy to Compete.

Step 3: Find a Domain Name For Your Blog

Find-a-Domain- Name-For-Your Blog

Finding the perfect new domain name for your website or blog can be a difficult task. But I promise that after reading this Paragraph article it will just work for seconds.

It’s important to have a domain name that closely matches your blog name, or your readers will have a hard time finding it, especially when it’s just getting started and doesn’t have much of a presence in search engines. You need a domain name that is available and relevant to Blog or Business.




Before finding a new domain name we have to consider a few things that will help us in the long run or building a domain to big & catchy brand which represents the whole company in one word.

So, let’s start with some important points…

  1. Should Be Catchy & MemorableMillions of domain names are registered, so having a domain that is catchy and memorable. Once you come up with a name, after share it with close friends to make sure it sounds attractive and makes sense to others.
  1. Keep It ShortShort names are always catchy and look good & attractive for a brand like Oyo, apple, mi, and many more. If your domain name is long and complex, you are at risk of being misspelled by customers. The short and simple way is to go.
  1. Easy To TypeFinding a domain name that’s easy to type is critical to online success, your domain must be simple & easy to type which help you to generate direct traffic from search engine & brand creation
  1. Use keywordsTry using keywords that describe your business and the services that you offer. You should try to adjust your Keywords with an appealing name which is easily noticeable by the visitors. Like,, Here, just a domain name describes their business and service the offer.
  1. Avoid Using Numbers And HyphensNumbers and hyphens are often misinterpreted – people who hear your website address don’t know if you’re using a digit (7) or typing (Seven) or forget the hyphen. If you absolutely need numbers and hyphens in your domain, you can use different alterations of your domain and Register them to be sure.


A domain extension is a part that accompanies the domain name after the endpoint. For example, on, the word “Facebook” is the domain name, and “.com” is the domain extension. These two are clearly intertwined and should not be considered separately.

You purchase domain names and domain extensions from domain registrars and hosting providers. Search for the available domain name and extensions and purchase the domain if it’s to your liking. Simply searching for the name will create a list of commonly available domain names and extensions from which to choose.


We have to consider a few things to choose from domain extension between different varieties of extensions like .com, .net,.Edu, .in, etc.

Targetted LocationYour domain extension says a lot about where you are. You can ensure that you get location-specific domain extensions to represent the world like “.in” for India “.au” for Australia, “.ca” for Canada, UK. “.The UK” for, and so on. These domain extensions are only available if you provide location-specific information to the domain registrar.

Think about where you are and whether you intend to have a local, country-specific, or global website. Based on that decision, you will be able to choose the right domain extension for your website.

Your Website PurposeAre you looking for a domain name and extension for a company, a blog, a nonprofit organization, a hospital, an educational institute, or a government agency?

Depending on the purpose of your website, you can choose a domain extension that more accurately reflects who you are and what you do. An “.Edu” extension is appropriate for a university or school, and a “.gov” extension is appropriate for a government organization. Most extensions clearly speak its purpose.

If you choose the wrong extension, the purpose of the website can sometimes be confusing to the visitors and your brand may be misunderstood. For example, if you choose the ‘.com’ extension for a public library, visitors may think it’s a private business or something. That’s why you should choose extensions carefully, it determines how people will see your brand.

BudgetSome domain names are more expensive than others. In general, the value of domain names will depend on the demand for them, as well as their anticipated value in the future. For example, a domain like “” would be much more expensive than a domain like “”. This is simply because the “.com” domain name is used more frequently and is easily recognized by people.

The golden rule is to choose the domain extension that fits your budget. We don’t recommend overspending on a domain extension just because you like it unless it’s for investment purposes.

So at last choosing the “right” blog name depends on your niche, audience, products, and services. Taking time to weigh your options will now pay off over time.

Try some blog naming methods and tools. Play with words and phrases, use diverse vocabulary, and most importantly, always look for some feedback before finalizing the name of your blog.

Pro Tips: – Use LeanDomainSearch which helps to find a perfect domain name for your blog or Business.

Step 4: Find a Good Hosting for Your Blog

Find-Good-a- Hosting-for-Your Blog

This is the most common task where newbies make mistakes. Choosing a Hosting for your blog is not enough! You have to choose the Best WordPress hosting provider for your Blog. Because Web hosting is where your website Database or files are going to live. As a beginner, you can simply go with the BlueHost Basic Shared Hosting Plan.

Follow these steps to purchase hosting and domain for your first blog:

  1. Click On This Discount Link to start your first blog.


I recommend as a newbie or beginner, you can simply go with the Bluehost Basic Shared Hosting Plan.

  1. Choose Your Target Domain for you own blog

Register-New- Domain-BlueHost-min

if You have already purchased a Domain name Then select Use a Domain you Own. Move To Next Step

  1. [Carefully] Fill Your Account Information


You have to fill all the correct information for your account.

  1. Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Details

Enter-Your Credit-Debit-Card Information-min

You have to fill your credit/debit card details to purchase a domain and hosting

  1. Confirm The Conditions And Let Get Started

After, You have to confirm there terms and conditions,

Step 5: Install and Setup WordPress Blog


Your domain and Hosting are now connected. Now all you need to do is just install WordPress in order to start your WordPress Blog. Let’s find out how to install and set up a WordPress blog.


In order to install WordPress to your website, you need to follow these few simple steps-

  1. Navigate To Your Cpanel.
  2. Go To the “Softaculous Apps Installer” through your Cpanel.
  3. Now Select WordPress.
  4. Provide some basic details like- user name, password, blog name, and site title.
  5. Now hit the install button. The installation process will be complete shortly in the backend.

Step 6: Change Theme of Your WordPress Blog

After successfully installing WordPress on your site, you can access your website with a very simple and default WordPress theme. In order to Customize and set up your WordPress blog, we are going to change the default theme of our blog.  Follow these simple steps to change your theme-

  1. Access to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Navigate to the Appearance ->Themes from the side menu of your dashboard.
  3. Click on the add new button.
  4. Search “Generate press” from the search box.
  5. Tap on the Install button. It may take a few seconds to be installed successfully.
  6. After installing your theme, tap on the active button in order to apply that theme on your website.


Step 7: Choose Appealing Theme of Your WordPress Blog

Choose-Appealing -Theme-of- Your-WordPress-Blog

The Blog Design is one of the primary attention-grabbing parts of your Blog, if the design of your blog is not good, you could lose traffic and audience attention. Great Design can help in building trust factors toward your loyal reader. So you can find a list of Best WordPress Themes Here

[We all know the First Impression is the last Impression]

So which theme is best for your Blog?

I personally use the Generate Press theme and I also recommend you use this theme because it loads very fast and is the lightest theme ever. I very much like the design of this theme and many other bloggers and marketers use this theme cause of its simple and minimalist design.

This theme is available both free and paid, I suggest you go for the paid version, in the paid version of this theme, you get a lot of functionality and features like font color change, etc.

 Some of My Favorite Themes

  1. Astra – It is one of the most downloaded themes on WordPress inventory. These templates are offered on all kinds of blogs cause its easy customization. This is a perfect companion for new WordPress bloggers.
  2. Divi – This is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the whole world. This theme makes websites faster, more efficient, and also offers various kinds of templates like Freelance Agency, portfolios, and many more.
  3. Generate Press – This theme is one of my personal favorites because of its simplistic design and easy to use. It is a multipurpose theme that you can use on your personal blog, portfolios, eCommerce website and is also fit for corporates websites. The support service of this theme is amazing, you always get a response from them on time. You can read Generate Press Reviews to learn more about this theme.
  4. Authority Pro – This theme includes design elements and tools like Gutenberg that makes it easier to maximize the conversions to meet your business goals. This theme offers brilliant design to make it compatible with all types of websites like blogs, portfolios, and eCommerce. This theme is based on minimalistic responsive design. Which can make your website faster and easy to customize.
  5. Schema – If you are looking for the fastest and ultra SEO friendly WordPress theme. Then schema is the right choice for your blog. This theme offers several features like custom options panel, shortcodes, and widgets and also include rich snippets features that help to search engine to rank in the higher position.

 Pro Tips:- Use Only Clean or Lite Speed Theme Which can help to increase traffic or User Retention.

Congratulations!!!! Now you have successfully installed and applied a new theme on your Website. Let’s jump to our next step.

Step 8: Add Important Plugins to Your WordPress Blog

Add-Important-Plugins to-Your-WordPress-Blog

WordPress plugins are the tools that add additional features to your WordPress blog without writing any single code. So, you can find a list of Best WordPress Plugins here

Add Important Plugins to Your WordPress Blog

Here are some of the very important plugins that you must use in your blog-

  1. Contact Form 7 It is used to add a contact form page on your WordPress blog.
  2. Jetpack  One of the most popular plugins which provide various features like Security, downtime alert, and also monitor traffic on your WordPress blog.
  3. W3 Total Cache It is one of the Best WordPress caching plugins that can increase your Site’s speed or improve your Google ranking. [Quicker site = better search rankings].
  4. Updraft Plus It is one of the most downloaded backup plugins in the WordPress platform. Updraft Plus is a backup plugin which is used to backup all your WordPress database like themes plugins, files, databases, and much more.
  5. Rank Math SEO is a very important factor to rank your post and drives a lot of traffic. Rank Math is one of free SEO tool which helps to rank your blog higher in search results. It also takes care of your blog post length, URL length, Meta Description length. It checks content readability, Title readability, density keywords, basic SEO With advanced Features. It suggests the focus keywords which are recommended by Google. Many Bloggers Suggest You go with Yoast SEO plugin But My recommendation is Rank Math SEO Plugins Because Lots of features are free rather than Yoest Seo Plugin.
  6. Thrive Architect With Thrive architect, you can build attractive content and landing pages for your blog without any prior knowledge about Coding or Tech skills
  7. Wordfence This plugin keeps you updated whether your site is secure or not in different ways like country blocking, protection from aggressive crawlers, it takes two-step identity authentication, creating scheduled scans, malware scanning, and performing blacklist checks.

Bonus Tips: – Use WordPress Caching Plugins that help to Boost Your Site Speed and also improve Google ranking.

Step 9: Write and Publish Your First Blog Post

Write-and-Publish- Your-First-Blog-Post

Firstly, I want to be Congratulate that you have successfully set up your First blog. Next Step to Write a blog post to engage your Visitor.

There is no meaning of having a WordPress blog without any blog posts. In order to make a meaningful WordPress blog, you have to add posts on your website. Let’s find out how to add and write your first blog post 🙂

  1. Access your ->WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Posts -> Add New Post from the side menu of the admin dashboard.
  3. Give a title to your blog post. It is simply going to be the name of your blog post.
  4. Write a Description of your blog post.
  5. Select the category for your post. If there is no category available there, then you can simply add a new category for your blog post.
  6. Set a featured image for your blog post. This is going to be the thumbnail of your post.
  7. Tap on the publish button in order to publish your first blog post.


Pro Tips: – Write a blog at least 500-600 Words. fulfilled user requirements. Also, try to interlink with the published article.

Step 10: Best Way To Earn Money from Your Blog

Best-Ways-To-Earn-Money-from Your-Blog

Hmmmmm… You have now successfully created your WordPress blog. Your next step is definitely going to make some money from your blog. Let’s find out how you can make a very good amount of money from your WordPress blog.

There are a lot of ways to make money from your blog. But here we will talk about the four most popular ways to make passive income from your WordPress blog.


  1. Google AdSenseGoogle AdSense is the first choice of the maximum of the bloggers to make some money. Through Google AdSense, You can monetize your blog posts with Google’s ads. Google will show ads on your content and if generate click or impression then you will get paid for this.
  2. Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is nowadays scaling up with such massive growth. You can do affiliate marketing through your blog in order to generate passive income from your website.
  1. Selling course or productCreating Own course or product is more profitable to make money so you can create your own way to sell to your Audience but before that, you have to make trust regarding your audience.
  2. Offering ServiceIf you are an expert on anything like Web Design, SEO, or Online Advertisement than you can offer service to your audience, and they will directly pay you. This is one of the best ways to earning money from your blog.

These are various Way To Monetizes your blog and Earn Money through autopilot mode but always remember if you want to earn Passive money from a blog Than you make sure that to Be patient, Keep Consistent, and Do work Hard on Blog. So You Will See tremendous Growth of your Blog.

FAQ Related To How To Start A Blog In 2021

Cost Of Starting of Blog is Depend On the Platform You Choose, if You Want to Start a Blog with a Free Platform Like Medium, Blogger. Starting a blog Which Cost around 3$ Per Month from Bluehost as Well as Siteground.
Starting a Personal Blog Brings various Benefits Like You Can Share your Learning Experience or Knowlege, Also Create your Personal Branding As Well as.
In the Above Article, I already Guide You How To Monetized Your Blog and getting paid for your Blog, you Can Use Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Selling own Course, or Product
If You are Hustling For Traffic, Don't Worry, By creating quality, Detailed content that Impacts your Target audience, and promoting your blog posts on Social Media or Other Channel, You Will be driving traffic ASAP
Yes, Of course! The Internet is Gradually Growing and People Can Consume Millions Of Content On Daily, I think Blogging Much profitable in 2021 As Compare 2020.

Final Thoughts and Now What Next?

Congratulation!!! Successfully You have Created First Blog In 2021

But What Next?

It’s Not an end, the Real Journey of Blogging Should Start right now, and you have to learn Many This Like SEO, On-Page, Off-page, Affiliate marketing, Content Marketing, and many more.

If You Want to Become a Successful Blogger than you Should try to learn new Stuff regularly Through a blog or Video Content Like YouTube and Use Podcast. I recommended to You learning is Good But Without Implementation, you Can’t See the Result any More.

In Blogging Right Knowledge or Implementation is Key To Become a Successful Blogger.

I hope this article is very useful For newbie and Beginner Blogger also help to start a blog and make a presence on the online journey

We can share your suggestions and questions with us through the comment box below of this post.

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